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Planning Department Submissions is a service that helps clients to obtain the necessary approvals and permits from the planning department for their architectural project. Planning Department Submissions involves preparing and submitting the required documents and drawings, such as site plans, elevations, floor plans, sections, perspectives and other details that demonstrate the compliance of the project with the zoning and planning regulations and policies. Planning Department Submissions also involves acting as a liaison and facilitating respectful meetings with city officials and adjacent property owners to help move the project through the planning department.

Planning Department Submissions is a vital step in ensuring the legality and feasibility of any architectural project. It helps to avoid any delays or complications that may arise from non-compliance or opposition from the planning department or other parties. Planning Department Submissions also helps to establish a positive and cooperative relationship with the city and the community, as well as to address any concerns or suggestions that they may have. By engaging in Planning Department Submissions, clients can ensure that their project is approved and permitted by the planning department in a timely and smooth manner.