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Schematic Design is a service that helps clients to explore and visualize the design concept and direction of their architectural project. Schematic Design involves developing and presenting sketches, drawings, models, renderings and other materials that illustrate the general layout, appearance, structure and function of the project. Schematic Design also involves refining the program, budget and schedule of the project, as well as coordinating with consultants and authorities to ensure compliance with codes and regulations.

Schematic Design is an essential step in transforming the project vision and requirements into a tangible and feasible design solution. It helps to test and evaluate different design alternatives and options, as well as to identify and resolve any potential issues or conflicts. Schematic Design also helps to communicate the design concept and direction to the client and the users, as well as to solicit feedback and input from them. By engaging in Schematic Design, clients can gain a better understanding and appreciation of their project’s potential and possibilities.