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— List Of Services

Some Of the Services we provide at Rossington Architecture

Pre Design

Site analysis, feasibility studies, and consultant selection (surveyors, geotechnical engineers).


Prioritize necessary spaces within project parameters.

Schematic Design

Quickly develop functional and contextually appropriate design concepts within zoning requirements.

Planning Department Submission

Act as a liaison and facilitate respectful meetings with city officials and adjacent property owners to help move the project through the planning department.

Design Development

Develop design based on planning department approval, while consulting with relevant experts as needed.

Construction Documents

Prepare detailed building plans and specifications for building department submission and construction.

Building Department Submission

Facilitate the submission process with the city.

Bidding / Negotiation

Pre-qualify contractors, publish bidding documents, compare bids, and determine the best builder for the job.

Construction Observation

Provide construction-related services to ensure client interests are protected and assist in timely completion of the project

— Fees

We cater each contract to its project. Depending on budget, project scale, timeline and client needs, we will structure our fees in one of three ways:

Fixed Fee

This works for new buildings, when it is quite clear what the scope of work will be throughout the job.


Percentage of Cost of Construction

The actual percentage will vary, depending on the type of project.


Hourly Basis

This structure is probably the fairest for smaller jobs, since the client ends up paying only for the time that is spent on the project, instead of paying for built-in contingencies that are naturally part of a fixed fee or percentage type of compensation.