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Design Development is a service that helps clients to finalize and refine the design concept and direction of their architectural project. Design Development involves developing and presenting more detailed and comprehensive drawings, models, renderings and other materials that illustrate the specific design elements, materials, systems and components of the project. Design Development also involves bringing on relevant consultants as needed in order to make sure all potential building issues are covered. Consultants may include, but are not limited to, the following disciplines: landscape architecture; structural, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering; geo-technical services; cost estimating; irrigation; water-proofing; media; security systems; lighting design; color consultation; furniture design; interior decoration and appointments.

Design Development is a critical step in creating a complete and coherent design solution that meets the expectations and needs of the client and the users. It helps to finalize and resolve all the design aspects and details of the project, as well as to coordinate and integrate the work of the consultants and other professionals involved in the project. Design Development also helps to update and confirm the program, budget and schedule of the project, as well as to prepare for the next phase of the project. By engaging in Design Development, clients can ensure that their project is well-designed and well-documented from all angles.