Project year: 2023 | Location: San Francisco, California

The Yukon Street project consists of a complete revamp of a house in the Castro which had been added onto over the years.

About The Project

The original house was built as one of a series of bungalows along Yukon Street but it retained nothing of its original character after a series of additions which enlarged and completely destroyed its aesthetics. This project retained the building’s footprint but opened up the public spaces of the house and modernized it inside and out. Concrete siding, stucco, composite paneling, steel accents and board-formed concrete compliment one another and delineate different forms of the structure. Interior materials are modern in their sensibility but warm in their implementation.


Project Details

Architect / Design team
Phil Rossington, Mason St.Peter, Maryam Nassajian, Irina Gunica
CLO CONstruction
Structural Engineering
SEMCO Engineering
Phil Rossington