Project year: 2019 | Location: Mill Valley, California

A major transformation of a front of house - one of many identical homes in the immediate neighborhood.

About The Project

This neighborhood in the Mill Valley flats consists of identical small, simple 3-bedroom houses built in the 1950’s. Many have been altered over time, adding square footage and otherwise modernizing them. This project included a 400sq.ft. addition at the front yard consisting of a lounge, office, bath and entry. The simple shed roof across the street frontage back to the existing house unifies the facade and makes it more cohesive as a whole. White stucco, white brick and stained wood front and garage doors create a clean, strong palette.


Meadow Project Preview

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Project Details

Architect / Design team
Phil Rossington, Maryam Nassajian, Irina Gunica
Completed in 2019 by Phil Kline, General Contractor
Structural Engineering
Enertia Designs
Michael Weber Photography, Phil Rossington