Project year: 2019 | Location: Mill Valley, California

A major transformation of a front of house - one of many identical homes in the immediate neighborhood.

About The Project

Situated in the Mill Valley flats, this community features uniform, modest 3-bedroom homes constructed during the 1950s. Over the years, many of these houses have undergone modifications, expanding their size and updating their features.

In this particular project, a 400-square-foot extension was added to the front yard, comprising a lounge, office, bathroom, and entry hall. A simple shed roof spanning the street frontage ties seamlessly into the existing structure, enhancing the overall coherence of the facade. The use of white stucco, white brick, and stained wood for the front and garage doors creates a sleek, cohesive palette.


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Project Details

Architect / Design team
Phil Rossington, Maryam Nassajian, Irina Gunica
Completed in 2019 by Phil Kline, General Contractor
Structural Engineering
Enertia Designs
Michael Weber Photography, Phil Rossington