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Pre Design is a service that helps clients to identify and evaluate potential sites for their projects, as well as to conduct preliminary studies and assessments of the site conditions and requirements. Pre Design involves selecting and coordinating with various consultants, such as surveyors, geotechnical engineers, environmental specialists and others, who can provide essential information and analysis for the design process. Pre Design also includes developing preliminary concepts and budgets for the project, as well as identifying potential challenges and opportunities.

Pre Design is an important step in ensuring the success and feasibility of any architectural project. It allows clients to make informed decisions about the location, scope and direction of their project, as well as to establish a clear and realistic vision for the design. Pre Design also helps to avoid costly mistakes and delays that may arise from inadequate site information or analysis. By engaging in Pre Design, clients can benefit from the expertise and experience of the architect and the consultants, who can provide valuable insights and recommendations for the project.