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Construction Observation is a service that helps clients to monitor and oversee the construction of their architectural project. Construction Observation involves providing construction related services to keep generally familiar with the course of construction. This includes weekly site visits, phone consultation as needed, coordination of consultants and city services. Construction Observation also involves helping to make sure the client’s interests are protected and to assist in keeping things moving in a timely manner.

Construction Observation is a crucial step in ensuring the quality and accuracy of the construction of any architectural project. It helps to verify and confirm that the construction is in accordance with the drawings and specifications, as well as to identify and resolve any issues or problems that may arise during the construction. Construction Observation also helps to facilitate and maintain communication and collaboration among the owner, the contractor, the consultants and the city, as well as to document and record the progress and status of the construction. By engaging in Construction Observation, clients can ensure that their project is built as intended and expected.